• Sasha Leigh

Untamed Grace

18”(w) x 12”(h) x 1.5”(d)

Mixed media photo encaustic on wood cradle.

Back in the saddle (my punny lead-in). This is my second piece featuring these beautiful wild horses on the beach. The photos were taken in Carova, NC, (part of the Outer Banks). This is one of our favorite places to go…that is not too far from home! On this particular day we drove the Jeep along the shore and behind the dunes, searching for horses with no luck. We decided to just park and take some pictures, me with my camera and my husband with his drone. Soon enough, these beautiful creatures came sauntering through. I was in awe just watching them stroll along the water’s edge. A sight to behold, and highly recommended, if you find yourself in that neck of the woods…and you should.

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