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“What’s bad for you heart is good for your art.” ….hmmmm

This is a quote I recently saw, unfortunately I did not see the author (apologies for not giving credit where due). I can’t say that I agree though. When it comes to creating art, I feel as though art is one of the greatest things for my heart! It encourages me to go places and see things (as if I needed more reasons), take pictures and create beautiful works of mixed media art with them. The world is filled with amazing natural beauty. I wish to harness it and share it with whomever cares to see it.

My suggestion for a replacement:

“What speaks to your heart is good for your art.”

I hope my art speaks to you, makes you feel wanderlust, recall a memory, or inspires a new connection with what is out there.

Cheers friends!


Thanks for visiting…

Beauty in the Blue Ridge

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