Love of the ocean and natural beauty is the main influence for my art. I love to travel and enjoy the outdoors and my experiences are what fuel my creativity and inspire most of my work. Embracing the moniker of “mixed media” artist allows me to incorporate both my photography and mixed media artwork, because I can’t choose just one! Fortunately, the mediums I have come to love can work together beautifully!

The encaustic component also allows me to embrace nature as part of my medium as well, as it is derived from beeswax and dammar resin (obtained from tree sap). The encaustic process involves fusing (with flame) many layers of the medium to create each piece of art. I enjoy incorporating a wide variety of media into my pieces such as my photography or other pigmented media to create color.  I also get to bring a little bit of sculpting into my art because the encaustic medium can be carved and textured. 

What I believe to be the sole purpose of art is to invoke feeling to those that experience it. That being said, each person can experience a single piece of art in different ways. I think the main focus that I try to convey to most of the viewers is to remind them of the amazing beauty that is present in this world. Don’t forget to admire it! Cheers, friends, I hope you enjoy the art.